Welcome to the IRC Network!


Our Vision

IRCNetwork’s vision is to provide a stable chatting facility, with as much transparency as possible, staffed and maintained by knowledgeable and friendly individuals; to lead the network democratically where everyone has a voice and a means of being heard.


We endeavor to become the IRC network of choice, and accomplish that by following our core values and define a clear path to achieving our goals.


Our Values

v  Treat our users and fellow operators with respect and common decency

v  Keep a mindset towards openness and not secrecy

v  Protect our network resources, and users, to the best of our ability


Our Goals

  1. Provide a stable and efficient network for our users.
  2. Provide an honest and just leadership team.
  3. Respond to challenges swiftly and fairly.



23 September 2013 – Resurrected!
We’re back! Not that we were ever really known about before.
J This time we’re making a renewed effort to flourish.


/server irc.internetrelaychat.network 6667


Other ports: 6668,6669,7000

SSL port: 9000



Charybdis IRC Daemon


Atheme IRC Services


Lomag Internet Services


mIRC IRC Client


XChat IRC Client


ChatZilla IRC Client


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